Meditation 6/4

Another’s opinion of you is a joke. This is so, the very definition of the word opinion lends it’s self to what I am saying. This is what someone decided in their mind that you were like. Then they began to project that reality and solidify the way that they perceive you. If you are willing to honestly look back at your life and the event’s of it you will see that this has controlled your behavior. If you are willing to truly attempt to view your behavior objectively you will no doubt see the link between it and the impulse to control what another thinks. I know this to be true because I recognized the reality in my own experience only after some hard learned lessons. Once I knew what I was looking at I saw the same scenario playing out over and over all around me. An opinion is a thought and creatures’ thoughts, especially those shallow ones like character judgments happen independently. So it is not logical to decide that it is relevant to your experience and when you do it is. Yes it’s great that we can make first impressions and all of that. But the judgements are made regardless of what we think, do, or say and they amount to what? My take at the moment is that opinions should be asked very carefully and probably sparingly. They should be shared in the interest of responding to a truth seeker. They should only be shared from a place of unconditional caring meaning you are willing to humbly deal with all possible reactions. If one of these reasons are not present then any opinion is null and should never meet the external environment. We must not allow external factors to control something so deeply internal as our emotional state or the way we express our instincts, for in this state we control nothing.



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