On cataclysms

I have come to believe it is a very bad idea to judge interpersonal dramas. Whether they be of the horror flavor like a murder mystery or of the comedy flavor like having to tell someone where to take their theatrics. It’s a complete waste of energy that could be much better spent. There are sicknesses of the mind that cause people to feel inferior to others and in turn act out bizarre behaviors. Even as bizarre as trying to convince others they are inferior in order to gain a sense of superiority. This also causes people to behave very recklessly in the interest of maintaining delusions in their own minds as well as the minds of others. With this said allย of us have this sickness touching our lives in some way and most of us are deeply immeshed in an environment created by it. It is not then wise to waste energy judging situations that we do not know the inner workings of or the ones we do because we do not know that inner workings of the other parties involved. The behavior will be individual but are not all conflicts based on this superiority/inferiority game? The game we are all subject to produces the emotions we all recognize. Those emotions are the same ones behind impulses that produce cataclysms. Every event catalyzes change and therefore has a reason for happening.


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