Cosmic rendezvous – from the dream journal

I lie down and my consciousness skips off into eternity. I wait at an empty table in a secluded wood for an arrival. Although I do not know for what I wait I do just that. I like to spend my time unhinged soaring through space-time with ether through my hair. You have touched my bare wires and I understood I had to prepare for you, set the stage for your comfort. is a table suitable? is that why you did not show? Perhaps this world pulled me back before your arrival, before I could remember to ask for you. When sleep overtakes me I will be there come to me, show me yourself. I have so many questions yet I do not know what to ask. Only you can guide me for you understand what my spirit needs in order to trust. Show me your face but your spiritual essence as well for that is what I have been desperately seeking. I hope I do not offend by wanting to know everything about you to know you, the way you must know me.


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